Permanent formwork for concrete walls, load-bearing to 30 floors -

AFS LOGICWALL® is a permanent formwork system for the fast-track construction of load bearing internal and external concrete walls. AFS LOGICWALL® is manufactured off-site in Ireland and consists of lightweight sandwich panels created by bonding hard-wearing fibre cement sheets to galvanised steel stud frames. The panels are quickly and simply hand-erected on site and then core-filled with self-compacting concrete to achieve load-bearing walls that provide excellent fire and sound ratings. 

The fibre cement sheeting remains in place and a tape & joint finish is applied internally prior to decoration. Externally, a range of finishes can be applied, including insulated render systems, rain screen systems and cavity brickwork. AFS LOGICWALL® is a fully shop- drawn made-to-measure system eliminating all site waste.

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